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Physician & Provider Testimonials


“Thank you so much for taking the time to train our physicians in the use of the NeHII program.  As the director of the family medicine residency program at Creighton University, it is my job to work with and train residents as they prepare for medical practice.  Because our residents are often caring for patients across a broad geographic area and from many clinics across the region, quick and accurate access to medical records is essential to our ability to provide great medical care.  Cindy was so professional and helpful to our clinic--incredibly committed to ensuring that our physicians have access to this resource and know how to use it.  Thank you for making this great resource available to us!”

Amy L. McGaha, MD, FAAFP, Creighton University

“I am extremely happy that I chose to participate with NeHII.  I care for patients who come from many communities in Nebraska and Western Iowa, as well as from different health care systems.  NeHII allows me to obtain critical lab and radiographic data concerning my patients, no matter where the tests or imaging were performed, and to do so quickly and easily.  This means that my staff no longer needs to make phone calls, leave messages or send faxed releases to multiple facilities to obtain this information.  Also, my patients no longer have to remember where they had a particular study or blood work performed.  NeHII has improved my ability to care for my patients.”

Richard Belatti, MD, Medical Pain Center, P.C.

“I have been in the medical profession for 40 years. Do you remember the days when we had to mail our copies of tests to other providers, and it took weeks to get results? Then the fax machine came along.  This was much faster, more efficient, but sometimes the confirmation was thrown away and you were not sure if it went through.   Now we have NeHII. You have direct access to the patient’s records at all the participating hospitals. As a Nurse, I want my doctors informed on what has happened to their patient’s.   This has been a long awaited revolutionary method to access your patient’s medical records 24 hours a day 365 days a year.  No more leaving messages for “Release of Information”, and waiting, and waiting for a response.  You login and type your patient’s name and DOB.  And there you have it…. their records.  I am very grateful for NeHII, it helps my doctors know what is going on with their patients when they go to other facilities.”

Chris Holm RN, BC, Health Coach, Methodist Physician Clinic

"I work in a multi-specialty group of hematologists, medical oncologists and radiation oncologists providing cancer care in the greater Omaha area. Our practice started participating in NEHII in the last year. I have found it very helpful to access patients’ results from the various geographic areas in Nebraska and from different health care delivery systems using the integrated NEHII virtual health record. Electronic prescribing and access to other providers’ prescription data has increased patient safety by reducing medication tracking errors and handwriting-related prescription errors. The current initiative to allow schedule C (opiates in particular) prescriptions via e-prescribing is very welcome."

"My staff and I now notice if a patient has opted out of NEHII - the flow of information without NEHII access is undoubtedly much slower, asking the medical records departments to fax or mail relevant patient data results in significant delays and often creates the risk of test duplication. Sometimes the patients are misinformed about what tests or test results showed - going back to the official documents can be very helpful in advancing their care and in avoiding costly repetitive procedures. Some patients seem to opt out due to a basic mistrust of any information sharing - yet they seem to expect the medical staff to know everything about all the tests and care given elsewhere. A common quote would be “You should have all this from the last place of care. Didn’t they send the records?” Another quote when asked to clarify health care information during a consultation is “Let me call my doctor / pharmacy / family”. So the patients are aware of the need for information sharing, but a significant minority still lack the necessary trust. The Veterans Affairs and military system are notable exceptions in that they don’t participate in NEHII yet."

"Providing consultations is now made much easier with the ability of NEHII to follow a patient across health care delivery systems. The HIPPAA compliance and security logging is exemplary and reassuring to patient and health care provider alike. Most extraordinary is that this initiative started in Nebraska years ago - before ARRA dollars were on the political horizon. And the total tally for operating NEHII remains but a minute fraction of the upcoming ARRA dollar deluge - a few millions spent on 1.5 million Nebraskans compared to ~30 billion to be spent on 300 million Americans. Obviously the entire USA is a bigger task, but NEHII demonstrates that the job can be tackled successfully. An obvious weakness of the final ARRA rules is that they did not address a way to enforce health care entities willingness to share patient information, the main hurdle in this endeavor so far next to patient buy-in."

Stephan Thomé, MD

"NeHII has become an integral part of my practice.  I use it regularly to review records of inpatients who have received care at other health systems and to track labs when my patients are admitted to other facilities.  I also use it in my office to review lab and radiology results after a patient visits an ER outside of Alegent Health.  For example, because we utilize an EMR in our office, I was able to pull up a patient's blood work from a recent ER visit on the computer and review it with her - right there in the exam room.  I encourage my staff to use it as a time saver, as well, to avoid the hassle of having to call and wait for records to be faxed from other facilities."

"By helping me avoid repetitive tests and unnecessary evaluations of abnormal test results, NeHII has significantly improved my efficiency in caring for my patients - especially those who utilize other health systems for som aspects of their care."

Karen Miller, MD



"I am a house call physician.  I do not have an office, but see all my patients either in their homes or in the facility that they live in.  It would be impossible for me to carry records around.  I now use NeHII and have access to not only my records but all of my patients' past treatments by other providers.  By using e-prescribing, I know what meds my patients are on and avoide duplicate therapy.  NeHII allows me to communicate with other providers and see immediately when someone else is seeing my patients."

"It would be very difficult if not impossible to practice as a house-call physician if not for this technology."

Bernard Hillyer, MD

"I use it regularly on patients who are not in the Alegent system to get history, meds, etc.  It works great when they're in the system.  Hope we get a lot more entered."

Ronald Sarno, MD

"We are using NeHII more consistently for e-prescribing and obtaining laboratory results.  We are developing processes to have all patients checked for labs and all prescriptions (mine and other prescribers) during chart preparation, and hopefully all charts will have labs and meds checked for and on the chart for every visit.  Marjie finds the e-Rx much easier to complete than phone calls to the pharmacy."

Rebecca Schmidt, MD

"NeHII is great.  I have been using it.  My only problem was I forgot my paperwork at home and couldn't find the login page using a Google search.  Now I have the link in my 'favorites' tab, so it is not an issue."

"The only other issue is that a few patients that I assume have been to other ERs have opted out of NeHII.  There is not much you do about it, but that will be a limiting factor for our frequent-visit patients.  For the average patient it is nice to get old charts quickly.  Specifically, I use the 'reports' and the 'lab' tabs the most.  This gives me a good idea of what has been done in the past and I can use it for comparison with current findings.  Thanks."

Andy Herd, MD

"I certainly think that NeHII or some other entity will be necessary for us to meet the upcoming demands of 'Meaningful Use'.  None of the systems that I have seen in any of the hospitals or any other vendors offers the connectivity that is needed to meet these new definitions.  The platform on which NeHII is build at least offers the connectivity with the state and Omaha that is needed in Lincoln to try and meet this connectivity.  Having a populated data base from which we can pick and choose the information we need in our office and then share that with other offices, hospitals, other health care providers, insurance companies, and pharmacies (including Pharmacy Benefit Managers) will be needed and I see NeHII as the logical platform on which to stair-step your way into an electronic medical record that has as its core - connectivity.  I would be happy to expand.  I did review the e-prescription portion of NeHII that we currently use and feel we can slowly get our office used to the idea of an EHR without jumping in head first and totally disrupting our productivity.  I remain a 'go slow kinda guy'."

"Glad to talk about this if anyone has questions."

Leslie Spry, MD

"We hope by having access to patient's H&Ps, lab results, op reports, x-rays, and med lists (to name a few), it will allow our nurses and therapists to provide better seamless care to the patients we serve.  Because we will have access to current patient information, the time we now spend in building our own data base on our patients can be spent in caring for them.  As well as there will be less chance for misinformation (errors) to be recorded from patient's poor memory or 'poor historian' errors.  For the first time we have a chance to have an accurate flow of information in the continuum of care from facilty to home.  The opportunity to relay information back to the PCP is also an expectation for better decision making when it comes to primary care for patients who have challenges in getting back to see the doctor.  This is truly a win-win-win for caregivers, patients and medical professionals.  Beyond the clinical reasons are the economic drivers.  We all know we need to provide better care for less.  This means we are stressing the value over volume of care.  The time saved by clinician and office support staff will help save lost opportunity and save all of our valuable resources."

Jamie Summerfelt, President and CEO - Visiting Nurse Association

"NeHII is a great tool for me to use, as a physician, to see what has been going on with the patient and their previous care prior to coming to the emergency department.  However, when a patient opts out of NeHII, I feel their choice to opt out adversely affects their care.  NeHII is fluid, easy to use and straight forward."

John Colling, MD