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  • Improved coordination of care
  • Safer prescriptions
  • Reduced duplicate medical procedure
  • Empowerment through better education
  • Simplified benefit processing
Doctor and patient
Doctors consulting


  • Quicker access to lab and radiology results
  • Streamlined access to patient histories
  • Ability to access patient data outside the clinical setting
  • Administrative efficiencies
"Implementation of this Health Information Exchange will allow the aggregation of health care data at the point of care, improving the efficiency and quality of care delivery, increasing patient safety by reducing the opportunity for medical errors, and helping to eliminate waste related to unnecessary or duplicative tests."

Omaha neurologist, Harris A. Frankel, MD, NeHII Board President

Health Care Providers:

  • Improved efficiency of care
  • Easier admission process
  • Improvements in health care delivery
  • Quicker access to test results
  • Administrative work flow efficiencies
Hospital sign
Nurses and employees


  • Decreased absenteeism - healthier employees
  • Administrative efficiencies
"Using the software has reduced chart pulls and created a more efficient workflow. I use the trending of lad findings to educate and influence patients."

Dr. Karl Johsens, Santa Cruz, CA


  • Administrative efficiencies
  • Improved process efficiency - send and receive electronic inquiries
Laboratory worker
"Health care providers across Nebraska will be able to securely exchange information via this new Web-based platform."

Nebraska Lt. Governor Rick Sheehy, NeHII Board member


  • Reduced adverse drug events
  • More responsive customer service
  • Transparent transfer of prescriptions from one pharmacy to another
  • Administrative efficiencies
  • Improved monitoring of controlled substances
  • Fraud reduction

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NeHII Announces New Chief Executive Officer - Omaha, NE – Dr. Michael White, NeHII Board President, and the NeHII Board of Directors are pleased to announce the hiring of Jaime Bland as NeHII’s Chief Executive Officer starting June 1, 2018. Jaime is assuming the role of CEO upon the retirement of Deb Bass.

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A "Win" for Health Information Exchange? How the Patient Centered Data Home Could Shift the Narrative – Thus Far, more than 300,000 event notifications have been exchanged via the PCDH network, and in addition to the 17 HIEs planning to participate, SHIEC's broader membership also includes 60 HIE organizations that manage and provide for the secure digital exchange of health data for hospitals, healthcare providers and other participants serving more than half of the U.S. patient population.

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NeHII Approved as a Qualified Clinical Data Registry - Omaha, NE – The Nebraska Health Information Initiative (NeHII) is pleased to announce that as of January 1, 2018, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) approved NeHII as a Qualified Clinical Data Registry (QCDR) for 2018.

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DHHS Launches Additional Enhancements to Prescription Drug Monitoring Program - Lincoln, NE – The Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services in conjunction with the Nebraska Health Information Initiative launched additional enhancements to the state's prescription drug monitoring program for health care professionals who prescribe and dispense medications.

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NeHII Participates in National Launch of SHIEC's Patient Centered Data Home Initiative - Omaha, NE – The Nebraska Health Information Initiative (NeHII) today announced it participated in the official launch of the Patient Centered Data Home (PCDH) initiative, a nationwide initiative coordinated by the health information exchange (HIE) members of the Strategic Health Information Exchange Collaborative (SHIEC), a national collaborative representing health information exchange (HIEs).

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